We are able to provide in-office IV sedation in Tucson, Arizona, for a deeper level of sedation for your child. For longer procedures or special needs, Dr. Sophie Baird may recommend this service. If we think that this form of sedation could be useful during your visit to Pima Pediatric Dentistry, we will be happy to explain the procedure and address any concerns you may have. Please get in touch with our pediatric dentist and our team by calling 520-748-7073 to learn more or schedule a consultation for your child.

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“This place is amazing! We get out of the car for my five year old son's six month check up and he says "Hey! I remember his place! This place is fun." He got to choose between grape or cupcake toothpaste, the clifford or spongebob bed, and marshmallow or watermelon flouride treatment. He was totally relaxed and had zero apprehension about going to the dentist. Everyone was friendly, patient and fun.”


“Dr. Sophie is amazing with all three of my kids. She works well with my nervous 5 year old, my crazy 1 year old and my 4 year old who has cerebral palsy and is very difficult to get to open his mouth. She is very patient and obviously loves kids and what she does. I highly recommend her.


“I truly can't express how much I love bringing my children to Dr. Sophie and her team! Absolutely the best dentist in town, her way with kids and her professionalism is just outstanding. Nothing forced everything is done with patience and love, we will definitely be patients for life!! Thank you Pima Ped. Dentistry.”