Tooth Fairy Ideas

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You may still remember the magic, wonder and excitement of leaving your first lost tooth under your pillow and discovering that it had been replaced with a reward in the morning. Bringing that same magic to life for your child may seem like a daunting task, so Dr. Sophie Baird and our team have gathered some helpful tips.

Tooth Fairy Letters
Encourage your child to write letters to the Tooth Fairy. If he or she hasn’t learned to read and write yet, feel free to help! The letter can be placed with the lost tooth for the Tooth Fairy to find. Then the Tooth Fairy can then leave replies in tiny writing on tiny pieces of paper. If you like, write a little bit about the land that the Tooth Fairy comes from. This can make the Tooth Fairy experience even more personal for your child.

Evidence of the Tooth Fairy’s Passing
Sprinkle glitter around your child’s bedroom in a trail to the door or window as evidence of the Tooth Fairy’s visit. Little trinkets or toys could be left as rewards in addition to, or instead of, money.

Encourage Healthy Dental Habits
You can turn the Tooth Fairy’s visit into an opportunity to teach your child proper dental care. If you write a Tooth Fairy letter, include encouragement for keeping their teethers healthy. The Tooth Fairy can also leave dental rewards like a new, fun toothbrush or toothpaste.

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