Why a Kids Dental Cleaning is Important

Posted on: September 16, 2017

CleaningWe often get questions from parents regarding how often their children need to come in for kids dental cleaning and whether this is really necessary before they have all their permanent teeth. The answer is at least once a year but preferably twice and yes, it is necessary for young children to receive teeth cleaning on a regular basis.

Build proper oral hygiene early in life

Proper oral hygiene is incredibly important because it is harder for children to properly brush and floss when they are young. This means those baby teeth are probably being cared for less than permanent teeth are. As a dentist, we are able to remove the plaque and tartar that a child will miss during at-home brushings. By ensuring the teeth are clean, we make it less likely that a child will suffer from tooth decay.

To understand why regular appointments are so important, it is necessary to understand why a child needs his or her baby teeth in the first place. Baby teeth make it possible for children to properly enunciate their words and develop correct speech patterns. A full set of teeth also helps to improve a child’s confidence, making it more likely that the child will enjoy smiling. Most importantly, a full set of healthy teeth is going to encourage healthy eating.

During the process

If a child does not have healthy teeth or is experiencing dental pain, the child may be less likely to do things like eat dinner or bite into a crunchy apple. In order to eat a healthy diet, children need a full set of healthy teeth. In other words, bringing children to a dentist on a regular basis is crucial to oral health.

During a kids dental cleaning, we will begin by examining the teeth to see if there any signs of decay. If we find any signs of decay, we will want to remove the decayed portion immediately. Removing the decay will prevent it from spreading further and causing more health issues.  Typically, we can remove small amounts of decay and restore the teeth so fast, the child barely knows what is happening.

We will also use dental tools to remove the plaque and tartar from between teeth. This is the best way to reduce the likelihood of a child getting cavities. Flossing is also part of the process to remove anything along the gum line. Finally, we are able to offer a variety of preventative tools to even further reduce the likelihood of decay. Among them are:

#1. Fluoride

Fluoride is a mineral that we can place on the teeth to help strengthen them. Keep in mind that the enamel on teeth wears away over time, especially when exposed to things that are highly acidic. The more the enamel wears away, the more susceptible teeth become to infection or damage.

When we apply, the teeth become stronger and more likely to withstand the daily onslaught of sugar. As such, the prevalence of decay is reduced.

#2. Dental sealant

A dental sealant is a highly convenient way to reduce the likelihood of the back teeth sustaining infection or suffering decay. A dental sealant is a clear plastic-like substance that we can brush onto the chewing surfaces of the teeth to create a barrier. Children do not even notice the procedure because it only takes a couple of minutes per tooth.

Since there is no smell or discomfort, the process goes by very quickly. Once hardened, anything a child eats will touch the sealant instead of the natural tooth below.

Visit our office for kids dental cleaning

There are so many benefits to bringing a child to our office twice a year. We recommend bringing your child to our clinic so that we can discuss the health benefits and implications of them receiving regular dental care. We are confident that this will help your child to live life with good oral health.

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