Inquiries Into Toothbrushing for Kids

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As with tooth brushing for adults, tooth brushing for kids often has several key guidelines that must be followed to ensure the technique can be implemented successfully. As soon as a child shows any signs of teeth, they will need to be cared for. By practicing effective tooth brushing routines for your child, you can keep your smile safe from oral health risks that tend to arise. Questions concerning toothbrushing for kids can be found below:

What is the significance of children brushing their teeth?
In order to ensure a child’s smile can grow in correctly and not be at further risk for dental damage, someone will need to help them brush their teeth every day.

How can toothbrushing be used to help prevent dental damage in children?
By brushing a child’s teeth, you can help rinse away bacteria and plaque that may begin to collect in their mouth.

What are the typical techniques of children brushing their teeth?
Ideally, you should use safe and effective toothpaste and toothbrushes for children under 3 years old, including the right size dab of toothpaste. If the child is between 3 and 6 years old, you can increase the amount of toothpaste to roughly a pea-sized dab.

Make sure to take diligent care of your child’s smile, so that it can last for the rest of their life. For more information about toothbrush care for kids, or to schedule a comprehensive oral examination with Dr. Sophie Baird and our team at Pima Pediatric Dentistry, give us a call at 520-748-7073. Our office is suitably located in Tucson, Arizona.