How to Choose the Right Tucson Pediatric Dentist for Your Family

Posted on: August 15, 2017

Pediatric DentistAs a Tucson pediatric dentist, we help a lot of children to improve and maintain their oral health. It is a passion of ours and one that we take incredibly seriously. We understand that families have a lot of different dentists to choose from and our goal is to be the best provider we can so that our patients have good oral health and are happy to visit our clinic.

If you are new to the area or are in need of a dentist, it is important to find the right one for your family. We aim to be that provider and encourage you to call and schedule an appointment.

How to find the right Tucson pediatric dentist

Using these tips makes it possible for families to find a dental provider that will meet all of their needs.

#1. Look for a convenient location

It is important to visit a dentist office that is near to home, work or school. If so, visiting on a regular basis for dental cleanings and exams will be much easier. We have found that if patients have to drive too far out of their normal routine, the likelihood of an appointment being canceled or not attended is much higher.

Also, if there is ever a dental emergency, patients are grateful to have a provider located nearby.

#2. Consider the ages of the children

Not all dentists will treat young children. In fact, it is common for a family dentist to not see children until they have reached middle elementary. In our clinic, we can see children as young as one year of age. We focus exclusively on treating children, so until a child has reached college, we still provide regular care.

This makes it possible for parents to bring their children in when they are infants and continue doing so until they are twenty years old. With this level of continuity, there is a better likelihood of a child maintaining good oral health as they age.

#3. Emergency care is important

Is important to find a Tucson pediatric dentist office that can provide emergency care as well. There is no way to anticipate when a child will wake up with a severe toothache or damage their tooth on the playground. Having a dentist that leaves room for emergency appointments is important for preventing things like the need to wait a week while a child suffers in pain.

Most children cannot bear a toothache so it is unwise to visit a dentist who does not offer this type of relevant care; fortunately, we do.

#4. Comprehensive services are necessary

We are a pediatric dentist in Tucson who offers comprehensive services. This means that we conduct regular examinations and cleanings but also restore damaged teeth, handle surgical procedures and make early orthodontic recommendations, to name a few. Typically, anything a child needs regarding their oral health can be handled in our clinic.

Visit our office

To learn more or to schedule an appointment for your family, call our office today.

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