Why a Kids Dental Cleaning is Important

We often get questions from parents regarding how often their children need to come in for kids dental cleaning and whether this is really necessary before they have all their permanent teeth. The answer is at least once a year […] Continue Reading

FDA Teething Warning from a Pediatric Dentist in Tucson

Keep your children in good oral health by visiting a pediatric dentist in Tucson. One reason to bring them to our clinic is that we seek to educate in addition to providing treatments. With that in mind, we want to […] Continue Reading

How to Choose the Right Tucson Pediatric Dentist for Your Family

As a Tucson pediatric dentist, we help a lot of children to improve and maintain their oral health. It is a passion of ours and one that we take incredibly seriously. We understand that families have a lot of different […] Continue Reading

Here are Reasons to Visit a Kids Dentist Near Tucson

Visit our kids dentist near Tucson for a teeth cleaning and examination at the beginning of the school year. We recommend having a child’s teeth cleaned and examined twice per year. If possible, it is best for one of those times […] Continue Reading

Dietary Tips from a Children’s Dentist

In our children‘s dentist office, we regularly talk about diet. Anything that the body consumes will first enter the mouth. This makes it incredibly important to oral health. What a child eats or drinks for breakfast are going to impact the […] Continue Reading

FAQ About Oral Health from a Kid’s Dentist in Tucson

As a kid‘s dentist in Tucson, we are asked a lot of questions about oral health from parents and children. Our goal is to provide as much information as possible during routine dental exams and to explain treatments in great […] Continue Reading

How an Emergency Dentist in Tucson Can Help My Kid

Call our emergency dentist in Tucson if your child is suffering from an urgent oral health problem. Dental problems can be quite alarming for a child and cause intense amounts of pain along with bleeding and swelling. For a child, this […] Continue Reading

The Benefits of Dental Sealants for Kids

In our dentist office, we regularly recommended that parents get dental sealants for kids. This is a preventative solution that can help to reduce the risk of a child developing cavities. Parents can rest easy when their children have dental […] Continue Reading

Visit Pediatric Dentists for Tooth-Colored Fillings

When parents bring their child to our pediatric dentist office with tooth pain, it is very often because of decay. Tooth decay can form as bacteria begins to attack the teeth. The tooth decay creates plaque and can remain on the […] Continue Reading

A Dentist for Kids Explains Which Foods and Drinks to Avoid

As a dentist for kids, parents often ask what foods and drinks their children should or should not eat. After all, what a child consumes is going to touch his or her teeth before anything else. If the child has […] Continue Reading